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Album Review: GhostWridah – Flu Game

For many people June 11, 1997 may or may not be a significant date to remember. BuGhostWridah_Flu_Gamet in the sports world this date will forever be remembered for the iconic performance displayed by Michael Jordan in game 5 of the NBA Finals, known as “The Flu Game”. Dehydrated with a high fever and other flu like symptoms, Jordan put on one of the greatest performances in sports history compiling 38pts, 7reb and 5ast. At the end of which, Scottie Pippen had to help Jordan off of the court do to sheer exhaustion. Sixteen years later, GhostWridah attempts to display the same performance musically in his newest mixtape titled “Flu Game”. Like Jordan, GhostWridah gives his all on this project displaying solid versatility in song choices. From overcoming the woes of life and the music industry to dealing with adultery and uplifting would be gold-diggers.

If there’s one thing GhostWridah is skilled in, it’s getting you to root for his successes. On tracks “Gave My All”, “Dreamer” and “Get Up (part 2)”, GhostWridah does a great job chronicling his struggles to make a name for himself in the rap game despite all odds, personal and professional.

Look at me now, momma I’m livin’ my dream. I’ma take off from the line, get me a couple of rings. Took me a couple of years, finally got off from that bench. Now niggas all on my nuts, so I walk around with a wrench. They use to me hopping the fence and chasing the bus. But now we just hope in that Bent, we livin’ it up…the flu.

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