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Ace Hood: The Most Underappreciated Rapper In The Game

Ace HoodBy @TonyDelerme

Ace Hood had one of his best years in 2013 releasing one of the highest downloaded mixtapes, Starvation 2, going double platinum with over 600,000 downloads on Datpiff. He also released one of the biggest hip hop singles of the year, Bugatti. Add those two things together and you would expect that when his album, Trials & Tribulations, dropped that it would be an obvious smash, right? Wrong, Ace Hood’s “Trials & Tribulation” underperformed dramatically selling only 37,000 copies in its first week, debuting 4th on the billboard charts. Now coming in 4th is no small feat, but when you had as much success as Ace Hood did prior to the album, one would have expected greater numbers the first week. So what was the cause for this? Only one answer, Ace Hood is simply underappreciated.

If you were to check Ace’s resume you’ll see that he consistently releases great mixtapes as well as hit singles. But when it comes to selling albums he falls short. Ace’s situation is kind of like the chick that guys have no problem sleeping with, but won’t commit to a relationship with. When it comes to Ace, if its free (mixtape) or cheap (Bugatti single, $0.99) we’re all in. But when it comes to shelling out some real cash on an album, “Trials & Tribulation”, many feel that Ace Hood isn’t worth it.

This is unfortunate because in all honesty, Ace had arguably the best rap album of 2013. The same can be said for his mixtape and single as well. This is why it’s so puzzling that people won’t commit to buying Ace’s albums. Will he ever be able to break this curse that has been haunting him? Hopefully 2014 will be the year that he does.

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