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Trey Songz Gives Advice To Gucci Mane [Video]

Trey Songz

by @TonyDelerme

Now we all know Gucci Mane, aka Trap God, is no stranger to getting arrested and going to jail. At least five times a year, minimum, we’ll hear a new story about Gucci getting locked up for some crazy reason. Currently he’s in jail for gun and marijuana possession. If history once again repeats itself Gucci will find some way out of this one too. But the problem is that he’ll more then likely be back in jail just as fast as he can get out.

Is there anyone who can get through to Gucci and help him break this cycle of destruction? Well, when TMZ caught up with Trey Songz to get his opinion on Gucci’s woes, Trey had a little advice  for the Trap God.


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