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Lord Jamar Feels Macklemore Doesn’t Deserve 4 Grammys [Video]

Lord Jamar

It wasn’t that long ago when Lord Jamar caused a firestorm in the hip hop world with his comment that “white rappers are guests in hip hop”. Originally the comment stemmed from Jamar’s disapproval of Macklemore’s hit single “Same Love”, a pro homosexuality song. Jamar felt Macklemore was pushing a gay agenda in hip hop and had no right to do so as merely a guest in a genre of music that is not his own. 

In a recent interview with VladTV, Jamar was asked whether or not Macklemore deserved the four Grammys he received at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Jamar would go onto answer, No. According to him, no true hip hop fans have Macklemore’s album. Also, Jamar would further go on to say that Macklemore and other white hip hop artist like Yelawolf , have not gone through the proper channels to be excepted by the hip hop community the way Eminem did. To hear this and more, see Lord Jamar’s full interview with VladTV below.

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