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50 Cent Never Fell Off!


By @TonyDelerme

Since 50 Cent announced that he’d be releasing a new album, Animal Ambition, this summer, he has put out a new song every week in promotion of it. But does anyone really care about 50 putting out new music? This has been one of the great debates in hip hop since his announcement of Animal Ambition. Does 50 still have what it takes to be a heavyweight in today’s hip hop climate?

Well, according to his YouTube views, people do still care. Just about every song that 50 has put out so far has averaged about 2 million views. Some even climbing as high up as 4 million.

Despite this fact, there are still naysayers who feel that 50 Cent fell off a long time ago. But when you put things into perspective, in terms of album sales, it’s clear that 50 Cent never fell off. For starters, if 50 indeed feel off you would assume that it was due to lack of interest in his music which would lead to his last album flopping. But when you check the numbers, none of 50’s albums have ever flopped.


Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (10 million)

The Massacre (5 Million)

Curtis (1.5 Million)

Before I Self Destruct (500,000 +)


Though there is a large discrepancy in sales throughout the years. The discrepancies reflects the fall of albums sales in general throughout hip hop over the years. On the surface it may appear that 50 Cent’s last album flopped in comparison to his previous work. But on the contrary, Before I Self Destruct actually had the third highest first week sales, for hip hop albums, in 2009 moving 160,000 units.

The true test to see whether or not 50 Cent is still relevant in the game will be on June 3rd when Animal Ambition drops. But until then, to say that 50 fell off is simply ridiculous.

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