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Jay-Z on the Run and Redefining Age in Hip Hop

By @TonyDelerme

Amongst the popular musical genres in the world, hip hop is in its own league when it comes to age being a detriment to an artist’s career. Most successful hip hop artists are in their early to mid-20’s, while a handful are in their late teens. Those able to sustain a reasonably long career will notice it coming to an end the closer they get to age 30. By this time, most are either completely washed up or have become novelty acts. This is where the separation between hip hop and all other music genres takes place.


In R&B, artists like 47 year old R. Kelly are still putting out new albums and touring around the world. The same goes for rock bands such as U2. It’s been 34 years since their debut album Boy was released. Currently, all four members of the group are well into their 50’s, still touring and putting out new music. In hip hop this is more or less unheard of… unless, you’re Jay-Z. Granted that hip hop is a relatively young genre, there’s still new ground to be broken. And while breaking it, Jay-Z is simultaneously laying down new ground for future hip hop artists to walk on.

Most hip hop artists in their 40’s are sitting back reminiscing on the career they once had in their 20’s. At 44, Jay-Z … (Read at Huffington Post)

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