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Is Soulja Boy A Homo Thug?

Is Soulja Boy A Homo Thug

By @TDHipHop

On today’s episode of ‘Talkin’ Ish w/ Tony Delerme’, Tony discuss homo thugs in hip hop. Over the past couple of years there has been a wave of rappers( Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Chris Brown & Lil Wayne) who have started gang banging only after becoming rich a famous. But Before the fame these same artist were just perceived as regular guys who weren’t with the traditional gang lifestyle. Tony Delerme looks into what possibly makes these rappers all of a sudden take on gang banging only after becoming rich. Recently Soulja Boy went all out to prove that he was an actual member of the Blood gang out of Compton, California. But what would posses a man to want to prove a falsehood such as this. Tony Delerme breaks that down on today’s episode.

Watch Below: ‘Is Soulja Boy A Homo Thug?’